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stationarySundaram Multi Pap Ltd has entered the section of the stationery market in April 2013 with innovative and state-of-the-art products like pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, color pencils etc.

Experts say India’s has a consumer stationery market of Rs 10,000-crore which is ruled by tiny stationers in crowded neighborhood bazaars and local shops. We have distribution channel of over 15000 dealer distributors which in turn will help drive our new product line.

The stationery products are made keeping in mind the exact customer requirements and also attractive at the same time. The products are of high quality and eye catching designs. Sundaram pens and pencils deliver unmatched comfort & neat writing experience. The eraser and sharpeners are made from nontoxic material and which are safe for the children and their health.

The new segment covers various products and is for all the segments, including schools, students, offices etc. With the introduction of new stationery products, Sundaram will market its product pan India and make it available easily for the customers.

We are also developing an online stationery portal, where the products will be available online and can cater to the entire India’s online stationery business.

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