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Company firmly believes that its growth and success achieved is also contributed by the surrounding environment and community in which it operates and to acknowledge this Company has very consciously undertaken community development projects particularly in the field of providing primary and secondary education in and around Palghar as well as in Kutch.

Company has from 1998 onwards created 5 schools for primary and secondary education starting with a special school for deaf and dumb children with all required facilities at Palghar in 1998.The projects that have been completed by the Company are as follows :

School Projects:
Special school for deaf and dumb children at Palghar 1998
Primary & Secondary School at Samkhiyali, Kutch 2001
English Primary & Secondary school in association with Catholic Trust at Samkhiyali, Kutch 2002
Sundaram Central School (CBSE Board) at Sakwar, Virar, Dist. Thane, Maharashtra 2003
Sundaram Central School (CBSE Board) at Palghar 2006


Hostel Projects:
Joined hands with the management of existing hostel for the Handicapped children at
Bhachau and Rapar, Kutch


National Projects:
A special 5 years tie up for 2001 to 2006 with National Association for the Blind (NAB) for the Education of the Blind Children through donations of Rs. 5 lacs per year from the sale proceeds of Mr. BIG Note Book Rs.25 Lacs
To create awareness about National Zeal and Pride exhibited by our Armed Forces during the Kargil War, Company decided to contribute Re.1 per long books with kargil war as a theme on the cover page. This amount was donated to national Defense Fund. To create awareness about preserving wild life in India specially printed Long Books with informative wild life cover page at the behest of Mrs. Maneka Gandhi Rs.1.5 Lakh

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