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Sundaram appA lot can be done with technology, and a lot of information can be provided with the use of this. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a very interesting and exciting application for augmented reality.

Sundaram books have an image on the back page, which on scanning will display a very amazing video. Just download the app from google play store for your android device, and scan the image on the back of the book and enjoy the video.

A lot of products/information can be displayed with the help of this video concept. Every day a 1,00,000 books enter the market and almost over a million users use this book daily for their school, office, college and various needs. All of them can scan this picture on the back and view the video. A lot of products can be displayed with this technology on the users phone and can share a lot of information.

The application is completely free.

Steps to use:

Download the app from google play store
button-android-appApp name: AugmentNow
Take a Sundaram notebook
Scan the back cover image printed on the left side bottom.
Enjoy the video.



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