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Amrut P. Shah is the Chairman & Managing Director and founder of the Company. He brings with him more than 30 years’ experience in the business of paper stationery manufacturing. He started his career at a tender age of 20 years in the notebook manufacturing and marketing that provided him the opportunity to understand complete intricacies of this business like sourcing raw materials, complete manufacturing processes like printing, ruling, cutting, folding, pinning, pasting and packing and selling to various retail outlets in and around vicinity. He is the Founder as well as Director of the Company since 1995. (is this 1995 or 1985 just want to confirm) His current responsibility is providing and making strategies and enhancing Growth of the Company and also increasing the Shareholder’s Wealth.

Shantilal P. Shah is the Whole-time Director of the Company. He is a great marketing brain in the paper stationery industry that has evolved and developed a unique dealer/retailer network in the form of retails shops in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa. He constantly strives to expand the dealer/retail network through personal relationships and innovative schemes of rewarding the dealer achievers. He has put in place the system to gather from this network great deal of market intelligence in terms of customer preference for Sundaram products vis-à-vis the competitors’ products. He is Promoter as well as Director of the Company. His role is to enhance sales in domestic as well as international Market.

Krunal S. Shah is Whole-time Director of the Company. He has completed qualification of Masters of Management Studies and Bachelor of Business Administration. He is having good Marketing Brain and Management & Business Administration Skills. His technological expertise helps the Company to conduct its affairs in efficient and cost effective manner.

Kalpesh B. Parekh is the Non-Executive Independent Director of the Company. Though he is HSC qualified, He is having good marketing brain and huge experience of more than 15 years in the field of Notebook designing and printing.



Mr. Amrutbhai P. Shah
Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. Shantilal P. Shah
Whole time Director
Mr. Krunal S. Shah
Whole-time Director
Kalpesh B. Parekh
Independent Director
Raichand P. Shah
Plant Manager 
Hardik A. Shah
Chief Executive Officer 
Yash R. Shah
Chief Operating Officer
Rajesh Jain
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Dinker Mishra
Company Secretary & Compliance Officer 

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